Consumer Spending Lifts Economy

Friday, Jul 26, 2019 By HomeLoan123.

While there were some significant economic events this week, they held few surprises, and mortgage rates ended with little change.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the broadest measure of economic activity, revealed modestly stronger than expected growth of 2.1% during the second quarter, but was down from a rate of 3.1% in the first quarter. While the report caused some volatility on Friday, it was pretty close to the expected levels overall, and it had little lasting effect …

GDP Beats Forecasts

Friday, Mar 1, 2019 By HomeLoan123.

Stronger than expected economic growth data was unfavorable for mortgage rates this week. Progress in the trade negotiations also was negative, and mortgage rates ended the week higher.

The report on gross domestic product (GDP), the broadest measure of economic growth, for the fourth quarter of 2018 was delayed quite a bit by the government shutdown, but it was worth the wait. GDP increased 2.6% during the fourth quarter, down from 3.4% in the third quarter, yet well …

Quiet Week

Friday, Feb 8, 2019 By HomeLoan123.

Sandwiched between recent major economic events and several more later in the month, there was little significant economic news this week, and mortgage rates ended slightly lower.

Investors were mostly focused on bigger picture economic conditions this week, and their primary questions concerned the outlook for global growth. While the forecast for U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) growth in 2019 has held relatively steady around 2.5%, many other regions have been …

Strong GDP Growth

Friday, Oct 26, 2018 By HomeLoan123.

Weakness in the stock market was good for mortgage rates this week, while the major economic data was mixed and had little impact. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week lower.

As was the case this week, stock prices and bond prices often move in opposite directions. The simple reason is that most economic events are influential because they change the outlook for future growth and inflation. Since a stronger economy is positive for stocks and negative for bonds (and …

Fed's the Focus

Friday, Oct 19, 2018 By HomeLoan123.

The primary influence on mortgage rates this week was the Fed minutes, which were considered to be modestly negative. The major economic data released this week was generally weaker than expected, but its impact was minor, and mortgage rates ended a little higher.

The minutes from the September 26 Fed meeting released on Wednesday contained no major surprises, but investors viewed them as slightly more hawkish (meaning in favor of tighter monetary policy) than expected. …