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Little Reaction to Big Events

During a light week for economic reports, investors were focused on three big events. There was little reaction to the events, however. For the first time in a month, mortgage rates ended the week a little higher, rising from the best levels of the year. Three events on Thursday had the potential to significantly affect mortgage rates. However, [...] Read more

Fed Minutes Reveal Plan

With few new political headlines or major surprises in the economic data, it was a quiet week. Wednesday's release of the Fed minutes was the biggest market mover, but those gains were offset by small losses on other days. Mortgage rates ended the week with little change. Wednesday's release of the detailed minutes from the Fed meeting on May 3 [...] Read more

French Election and U.S. Data

A victory by Macron in the French election was viewed as negative for mortgage rates early in the week, while Friday's weaker than expected U.S. economic data was positive. These influences were roughly offsetting, and mortgage rates ended the week with little change. Sunday's French Presidential election featured one pro-EU candidate, Macron, and [...] Read more

Fed Holds Steady

Wednesday's Fed meeting was viewed as slightly negative for mortgage rates. The success of Macron in holding his lead in the polls for the upcoming French election also was unfavorable. Friday's Employment report had little impact. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week a little higher. As expected, the Fed made no change in the federal funds [...] Read more

Focus on French Election

It was a volatile week for mortgage rates ahead of Sunday's French election. The daily movements were offsetting, however, and mortgage rates ended the week with little change, remaining near the best levels of the year. The first round of the French Presidential election will take place on Sunday. The two candidates who receive the most votes on [...] Read more

Lowest Levels of Year

A wide range of news was positive for mortgage rates this week, and it far outweighed the relatively minor unfavorable influences. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week lower, at the best levels of the year. Investors grew more concerned about the conflicts in Syria and North Korea this week. Their response was to seek relatively safer [...] Read more

Rates Improve Again

Over the past week, concerns increased about President Trump's ability to deliver pro-growth policy changes as quickly as expected. This was favorable for mortgage rates. The economic data had little impact. Mortgage rates again ended the week lower. Since the election, stocks have performed very well, while bonds yields have risen. This was due [...] Read more

Fed Tightens

For a couple of weeks prior to Wednesday's Fed meeting, comments from Fed officials and stronger than expected economic data caused mortgage rates to rise. The outcome of the Fed meeting was viewed as relatively favorable for mortgage rates, however. Rates reversed some of their rise and ended the week lower. As widely expected, the Fed raised the [...] Read more

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