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Consistent Fed Message

Following the roller coaster ride last week, this was one of the quietest weeks for mortgage rates in a very long time. While last week contained a Fed meeting, Employment report, and GDP data, there was very little significant economic news this week, and mortgage rates barely changed. In addition to a lack of major economic data, another reason [...] Read more

Economic Data is Mixed

This week was packed with major economic reports and a Fed meeting. With investors looking for hints about when the Fed will begin to taper its bond purchases, the data caused a great deal of volatility. Because the economic news was roughly neutral overall, though, mortgage rates ended the week just slightly higher. The economic data released on [...] Read more

Big Week Ahead

Ahead of major economic news next week, it was a relatively quiet week for mortgage rates. Mixed economic data and average Treasury auction results provided little direction. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week just slightly higher. The big economic reports this week, New and Existing Home Sales, contained mixed news relative to the [...] Read more

Retail Sales Below Target

Weaker than expected Retail Sales data helped mortgage rates this week. Soothing comments from Fed Chief Bernanke also were a positive influence, and mortgage rates ended the week lower. The monthly Retail Sales report measures spending by consumers, which accounts for about 70% of economic activity. Monday's report revealed that Retail Sales were [...] Read more

Fed Policy Drives Rates

The primary influence on mortgage rates this week was shifting expectations for Fed policy. Fed Chief Bernanke eased investor concerns about tighter monetary policy, causing mortgage rates to end the week lower, reversing a good portion of the prior week's increase. To boost the economy in recent years, the Fed has used a variety of tools, which [...] Read more

Job Gains Exceed Expectations

The big event this week was Friday's Employment report. The labor market data came in stronger than expected, which was great news for the economy, but it caused mortgage rates to end the week higher. Against a consensus forecast of 160K, the economy added 195K jobs in June, and upward revisions to the figures from prior months added another 70K. [...] Read more

Fed Speeches Drive Markets

It was another incredibly volatile week as investors attempted to determine the impact of last week's Fed announcement on mortgage rates. Early in the week, mortgage rates continued to move higher, but soothing comments from Fed officials caused mortgage rates to reverse direction. After all the daily swings, mortgage rates ended the week a little [...] Read more

Fed Lays Out Plan to Taper

It began as a decent week for mortgage rates. Ahead of Wednesday's highly anticipated Fed meeting, mortgage rates were a little lower on a week-over-week basis, as reflected in the weekly survey from Freddie Mac. Investors, however, pushed rates significantly higher after the Fed statement and press conference. The Fed's massive bond buying [...] Read more

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