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Quiet Week

This week was one of the quietest of the year. The major economic data generally matched the expected levels, and mortgage rates ended nearly unchanged. The most significant economic data released this week was the inflation data. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), the most closely watched monthly inflation report, looks at the price change for [...] Read more

Quiet Week

There were few surprises in the data released this week or in the other economic news. It was a quiet week, and mortgage rates ended a little lower. One reason that the Fed has been raising the federal funds rate is that inflation has moved higher in recent months. The Fed's favored inflation indicator is the core PCE price index. After holding [...] Read more

Inflation Falls Short

There was little major news this week and not much reaction to the economic data. Investors shifted some assets from bonds to stocks, and mortgage rates ended the week a bit higher. Perhaps the most widely followed inflation report is the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which looks at the price change for a basket of goods and services. Investors [...] Read more

Quiet Week

Despite a wide range of major economic news, it was a very quiet week for mortgage rates. The key labor market report, the inflation data, and the Fed meeting caused little reaction. Mortgage rates ended the week nearly unchanged. The economy added 164,000 jobs in April, below the consensus for an increase of 190,000. However, upward revisions [...] Read more

Weaker Job Gains

Investors were focused on Friday's Employment report and the policy on tariffs this week. Despite unexpected results on both fronts, however, there was little reaction in mortgage rates, and they finished the week nearly unchanged. Against a consensus forecast of 175,000, the economy added just 104,000 jobs in March. In addition, downward [...] Read more

Job Gains Surge

A wide range of events influenced mortgage rates this week, including important labor market data, a European Central Bank meeting, and government policy changes. Some were positive and some were negative. The net effect was mortgage rates finished the week higher. An upside surprise in job gains in Friday's Employment report was negative for [...] Read more

Housing Starts Rise

While there was some volatility, it was a relatively quiet week for mortgage rates. The major economic data was mixed. In a nice break from the recent upward trend, mortgage rates ended the week with little change. The latest report on housing starts was encouraging. In January, single-family housing starts rose 4% from December. They were 8% [...] Read more

What Happened to Mortgage Rates?

Comments from a European Central Bank official and stronger than expected data on wage growth were negative for mortgage rates this week. Wednesday's Fed meeting contained no surprises and had little impact. The upward trend seen in recent weeks continued, and mortgage rates ended at the highest levels in years. Unfavorable news for mortgage rates [...] Read more

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