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Fed Statement Little Changed

Investors were focused almost exclusively on the Fed meeting this week. Shifting expectations about future Fed policy guidance caused a good deal of volatility during the week. The Fed statement contained no major changes, however, and mortgage rates ended the week with little change. Ahead of Wednesday's Fed meeting, investors debated about [...] Read more

Fed Guidance May Change

Increased concerns that the Fed will raise the fed funds rate more quickly than previously expected was the driving factor for mortgage rates this week. Stronger than expected economic data was another negative factor, and mortgage rates ended the week higher. A report from the San Francisco Fed released this week caused investors to question [...] Read more

Ukraine, Housing Data, and the Fed

Reduced concerns about the conflict in Ukraine caused investors to shift back to riskier assets early this week, reversing much of the improvement in rates from the prior week. Stronger than expected housing data and slightly more hawkish comments from Fed officials also were negative for mortgage rates. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week [...] Read more

Ukraine Concerns Affect Rates

With a light slate of economic reports this week, the conflict in Ukraine had the greatest effect on mortgage rates. Shifting sentiment about the likelihood of escalation caused some market volatility during an otherwise quiet week. Mortgage rates ended the week a little lower. On Tuesday, a Polish official suggested that Russia is massing troops [...] Read more

GDP and Labor Market Data

In a packed week, the two big economic reports were the main drivers of mortgage rates. The outperformance of the GDP data relative to expectations outweighed the small miss in the Employment report, causing mortgage rates to end the week a little higher. This week's Fed meeting contained no surprises and had little impact. Investors expected that [...] Read more

Existing Home Sales Improve

The conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East had little impact on markets this week, while the economic data was slightly stronger than expected overall. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week a little higher. The housing data released this week contained mixed news. Fortunately, the good news came from Existing Home Sales, which cover roughly [...] Read more

Conflict in Ukraine and Middle East

Geopolitical events were the primary influence on mortgage rates again this week, while the economic data had little impact. After a quiet weekend, investors were willing to take on a little more risk early in the week. Shocking news on two fronts caused an abrupt reversal on Thursday, however, and mortgage rates ended the week just slightly [...] Read more

Global Concerns Affect Rates

Unexpected events outside the US had the greatest influence on mortgage rates this week. Violence in the Middle East and economic concerns about Europe caused investors to shift to safer assets, helping mortgage rates. Bond friendly comments from the Fed added to the improvement, and mortgage rates ended the week lower. During periods of [...] Read more

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