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Jobs Fall Short

Weaker than expected economic data released this week reduced the outlook for future inflation. This caused mortgage rates to improve, and they ended the week at their best levels since April. Friday's key Employment report was disappointing nearly across the board. Against a consensus forecast of 205K, the economy added just 142K jobs in [...] Read more

Yellen Clarifies Fed Policy

This week, mortgage rates gave back some of the improvement seen following last week's Fed meeting. The reversal was helped along by comments from Fed Chair Yellen. Recent economic data was mixed and had little impact. Mortgage rates ended the week a little higher. On Thursday night, Fed Chair Yellen gave her first speech since the Fed meeting on [...] Read more

No Rate Hike

The most highly anticipated Fed meeting in years contained good news for mortgage rates. As a result, mortgage rates ended the week lower. Heading into Thursday's Fed announcement, investors were split about whether the Fed would raise the federal funds rate for the first time since 2006. The Fed chose to make no change. The Fed's Statement cited [...] Read more

Mixed Employment Data

In the face of continued stock market volatility and major economic data, mortgage rates showed surprisingly little movement. For the second straight week, mortgage rates ended with little change. Friday's Employment report came in close to the forecasts overall. A small shortfall in job gains was offset by stronger than expected wage gains and a [...] Read more

Volatile Week

Over the past week, mortgage rates were pushed and pulled by unusually large movements in global stock markets. The economic data had little impact. After a volatile week, mortgage rates ended just a little higher. Concerns about slowing global economic growth, particularly in China, caused the U.S. stock market to decline sharply early in the [...] Read more

Inflation Outlook Helps Rates

The Fed Minutes released on Wednesday had a positive impact on mortgage rates. In addition, concerns about the pace of global economic growth reduced inflation expectations, which also was favorable for mortgage rates. As a result, mortgage rates ended lower. The Minutes from the July 29 Fed meeting revealed that Fed officials have mixed views [...] Read more

China Devalues Currency

A surprise move in China helped mortgage rates improve early in the week. Stronger than expected U.S. economic data had the opposite effect later in the week. After the offsetting influences, mortgage rates ended slightly higher. China has long held its currency, the yuan, at a fixed value versus the dollar. On Tuesday, China unexpectedly [...] Read more

Is Fed Rate Hike Near?

During the past week, comments from a Fed official increased investor expectations for a Fed rate hike this year, causing mortgage rates to move a little higher. The week's economic data was mostly right on target and had little net effect. On Tuesday, Fed member Dennis Lockhart gave investors the impression that the first federal funds rate hike [...] Read more

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