Our Promise

At HomeLoan123 we are dedicated to providing you with personal attention, knowledgeable advice, and prompt and personalized service.

Our Advantages

Competitive Rates

As a direct lender, we are able to offer competitive rates and reduced closing costs.

Full Disclosure

We believe an informed consumer is our best client. Therefore, we provide customers with all of the information up front. We post the available interest rates on our constantly updated website to help you make the right decisions. In addition, we fully disclose all fees associated with the loan to protect our customers from surprising fees presented at closing.


Our knowledgeable agents have many years of experience in advising customers on all programs and will help our customers find the right loan to each individual transaction. We provide services in English, Spanish, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Cantonese. We are pleased to offer some of the best rates in the industry backed by quality personal services to build lasting relationship with our customers. In short, we will do our best to be your mortgage lender for life.

Third Party Origination

For Builders

Currently, we are helping builders originate, process and fund loans for their borrowers. Job locations include Sanger (near Fresno), Temecula, etc.

We provide a response within 24 hours to most borrowers. We have experienced agents working at job sites to answer all the borrowers’ questions.

If you are a builder and want hassle-free sales transactions, contact us at +1-800-560-7766.

For Banks and S&Ls

We have a near-perfect record in processing loans for banks. For example, General Bank, a public company, closed monthly approximately $6 million in loans through Homeloan123 for years before it merged with Cathay Bank in 2003.

After Homeloan123 received loan applications from General Bank, it processed applications all the way to funding. Both companies had an excellent coordinator to take care of the loan conditions and customers’ questions. Everything went smoothly.

If your bank does not have a loan processing team or you do have one but it is not cost-profit effective, we are willing to help you.

Actually, satisfying your customer’s home loan needs is an effective way of keeping your customers and not losing them to a competitor.

Contact us at +1-800-560-7766.

For Brokers

Currently, we do not accept any new brokers. However, we are willing to process and close your loans.

Even though we are a direct lender, you still have the freedom to select the lender that your loan will be funded by.

Please call +1-800-560-7766.